Why Mobile Operators should have an IoT Control Platform?

Without any doubt, the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon is expected to continue growing rapidly in the next few years. The number of electronic devices and smartphones that are connected to the internet is massive. The future of telecom operators is shifting and they need more tools to meet the demands of their customers.

Many of your business customers provide employees with devices that are connected to the internet and they want effective ways to control data usage on those devices.  Such control provides value, business effectiveness and saves money.

Emida now offers technology tools that help mobile operators offer usage control and management of any device connected to their network for any business customer.  In a nutshell, our IoT Control platform allows customers to:

  • Manage data on any device
  • Control data consumption
  • Limit and control access to websites
  • Have access to real-time metrics
  • Obtain in-depth reporting for any device managed by the platform

And Emida’s IoT Control platform can be deployed quickly without integrations.

If you are interested in a FREE demo of our IoT Control platform, please click on the link below!