What is the size of the IoT Data Control market?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an enormous phenomenon: the network of internet-connected electronic devices in operation around the world today is simply massive. And all experts expect this market to grow and grow.

Many businesses already consider IoT Data Control services as a necessity. And not just those in the telecomm sector: health care, education, and government sectors have also identified benefits of IoT Data Control services to their enterprises.

According to IDC, business investment on IoT Data Control services is expected to reach $1 trillion in 2022 and this forecast goes some way to explaining why many organizations are looking to rapidly scale their operations to make the most of IoT Data Control services.

As such, IoT Data Control services clearly represent an excellent opportunity for mobile carriers (MNOs) and other technology providers to develop new revenue streams outside of the increasingly competitive consumer channel.

Emida is now offering a state-of-the-art IoT Data Control Platform that allows MNOs a new way of monetizing their mobile networks by allowing them to offer controlled data services to small, medium, and large businesses, government, and educational institutions.

Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform allows MNOs to:

         Efficiently manage the amount of data on any device of your network.

         Obtain reports in real-time across data management in all devices.

         Have a turnkey solution as no integration between the IoT Platform and your BSS/OSS is necessary.

To learn more about how Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform can become a NEW revenue stream for your mobile business, please contact us at marketing_team@emida.net to arrange a demo or request a custom proposal.