Industrial use of IoT technology

Industrial use of IoT

What are some industrial uses of IoT?

In this article we will be sharing some information on the industrial use of IoT which will give you an idea of different ways that mobile carriers can serve their business customers by offering IoT technology.

  • Government Smart City Projects

Though it may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, we are getting closer to the reality of smart cities. Multiple sectors such as transportation, emergency services and utilities are implementing IoT solutions to improve efficiency and safety. One example affects the energy sector thanks to smart architecture and infrastructure. With IoT technology, power grids can be made smart and thus provide valuable data that can be used to optimize energy conservation. As you can expect, by effectively leveraging IoT technologies, mobile carriers can help governmental institutions with smart city projects which can greatly improve the quality of urban services, as well as reduce costs and resource consumption.

  • Supply Chain Management

IoT technology is also revolutionizing the area of supply chain management. Today, many businesses use it to track and authenticate products and shipments using GPS along with other technologies. Mobile carriers that provide supple chain management IoT solutions to their business customers help them know when shipments will arrive based on how quickly they are travelling to the end location, making processing more efficient while also reducing handling time. Additionally, IoT technologies are even able to monitor the storage conditions of products (ensuring appropriate humidity and temperature levels, for example) which greatly improves quality management throughout the entire supple chain.

  • Retail Product Monitoring for B2C and B2B

Mobile carriers are implementing IoT technology to manage and track usage of their retail products after being sold to the customer. This is something they can also offer their customers in both B2C and B2B markets. IoT technology for product monitoring is applicable to all kinds of products that range from mobile devices and apps, to smartwatches and internet data usage. This technology allows mobile carriers to obtain key data metrics that help them understand how their products are being used, which in turn helps them make better business decisions. These tools can also be offered by mobile carriers to customers in B2C and B2B markets for that same end.

These are just three examples of industrial uses that mobile carriers can support by offering IoT technology but, as you can see, there is great potential for mobile carriers to expand and serve several different types of businesses.

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