Use Cases for Mobile Carriers currently using IoT

Use Cases for Mobile Carriers currently using IoT

How are mobile carriers using IoT to help business customers?

What we are going to look into now are some specific use cases of mobile carriers who have implemented IoT into their companies and what those offer to their customers. This will give you an idea of current applications of IoT by some of the largest mobile carriers.


AT&T provides access to their Asset Management Operations Center (AMOC) which is a dashboard that simplifies IoT implementations. Assets from different vendors can be managed through this dashboard and includes features such as support for cellular and satellite connections, integration with several types of applications, security for data gathered through sensors and management of assets. It provides compatibility with several LTE and LTE-M network devices.


Orange provides the IoT Managed Global Connectivity portfolio which allows for centrally managed connectivity for IoT devices deployed across various geographies. They also provide SIM cards dedicated to IoT, web-based IoT connectivity management tools, worldwide coverage, and dedicated and expert IoT customer support.


Vodafone provides IoT solutions for many businesses including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. They offer tools such as Fleet Telemetrics which enable remote tracking and monitoring of vehicle locations and conditions as well as driving styles. Another tool is their “Smart Grid and Smart Meters” which provides an intelligent utility solution that can help improve the efficiency of energy supply, giving businesses greater control while reducing waste. These are just two of the many IoT solutions Vodafone has implemented currently.

Mobile carriers worldwide are jumping at the opportunity to obtain IoT technology in order to add value to their customers, and it is clear to see that it is because telecommunications is one of the industries that have seen the greatest impact from applying this technology both internally and externally.

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