IoT solutions: What they are and how they are used today

IoT solutions What they are and how they are used today

What are IoT solutions?

Internet of things solutions, or IoT solutions, are one of today’s main technologies driving digital transformation worldwide. With these powerful tools, companies of all kinds are able to reap the benefits of creating a robust network of connected devices and infrastructures to dramatically evolve the efficiency of their business. These network connected devices are often called “IoT devices” or “smart devices” and can range anywhere from an industrial refrigerator with temperature monitoring sensors, to a fleet of company cars with GPS tracking sensors.

Since there are so many types of IoT devices, there are also a very wide range of industries that can benefit from IoT technology. Many businesses today are acquiring IoT solutions in order to more easily automate tasks that would otherwise be very difficult or expensive to track and control. This is why the adoption of IoT solutions has increased, and why this trend is likely to continue to rise.

How are IoT solutions being used today?

IoT solutions have a wide range of capabilities and can apply to different types of industries. Some of these industries and how they use IoT today include:

  • Telecommunications industry: Monitoring proper functioning of cell towers.

IoT solutions can be used by carriers to monitor the condition of their cell towers. If one breaks down, a carrier can send a technician only when something needs fixing, which helps them be more efficient with their workforce allocation.

  • Educational institutions industry: Managing internet access and data usage of school networks.

Schools that provide staff and students with WiFi need to manage the websites teachers and students are able to access on school networks, so that any inappropriate content can be blocked. This is a case where an IoT solution that can manage any network’s internet data (such as Emida’s Data Control Platform) can be used to block certain websites and put a limit on the amount of data allowed.

  • Automotive industry: Tracking the location of cars at large dealerships.

A car dealership with a large inventory of vehicles needs to be able to keep track of their inventory’s location. Knowing where every specific car is could be a challenge. The car could have been moved, or a customer may have taken it for a test drive.  However, with IoT technology, every car can be connected to a network so their location can be tracked by GPS at all times. This way, their sales representatives can find them when a customer is interested in making a purchase or taking a test drive.


These are just a few examples of what IoT solutions are and how they are used today in different industries. It is very likely that we will continue to see new uses and new industries adopting them as technology and internet connectivity continues to evolve. This is why it is important that companies in all industries consider how they can adopt IoT technology to improve their business.

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