How IoT Data Control could become a NEW revenue stream for mobile operators after the Covid-19 crisis

In the next few months, the business world will be defined by new operational and management challenges as it rebuilds to come back stronger following Covid-19 lockdowns.

Some of the challenges businesses will face include how to:

    • Recover lost revenue.
    • Efficiently rebuild operations.
    • Accelerate the adoption of digital solutions.

Emida is now able to offer carriers an IoT Data Control Platform that allows them to create a new revenue stream, by offering customer-controlled data services to small, medium, and large businesses so helping them overcome these challenges.

Some of the benefits mobile carriers’ business customers will accrue by implementing Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform include:

1) Monitor data usage in real-time across all devices connected to their network.  Such transparency optimizes production and helps remove cost inefficiencies.

2) Control data usage across all devices.  The Emida IoT Data Control Platform allows managers to whitelist or blacklist web access.

3) Automate & digitize company processes.  Automated processes improve efficiency.  Digitized processes facilitate remote working amongst other things.

Emerge stronger from this crisis! Learn more about how Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform can become a NEW revenue stream for your mobile business!  Please contact us at to arrange a demo or request a custom proposal.