How Electronic Recharge can help an Operator’s mobile business


Electronic recharge systems allow the Operator to digitize and manage their prepaid mobile sales and inventory, making it a necessity for companies looking to succeed in their mobile business today. It enables Operators to provide prepaid airtime recharge of any value, anywhere, at any time, via online payment or through retail distribution channels. This presents a huge opportunity for Operators to better serve their market and gain control and visibility over their entire mobile business.

Who can use it?

Many Operators nowadays use electronic recharge systems to replace physical recharge vouchers. This allows them to offer a more convenient, cost-effective recharge service that enhances their end-user experience. Electronic systems also enable secure variable airtime value recharge using standard SMS, USSD, or host-based messaging, which makes the process of recharging accounts convenient, simple and fast for the Operator, as well as for the subscriber.

How does Electronic Recharge work?

The electronic recharge solution is a distribution mechanism to replace physical prepaid recharge vouchers with virtual voucher-less airtime. The solution implements a hierarchical distribution model for distributors, sub-distributors and retailers and moves virtual airtime value between these entities in real-time. The Operator defines the business rules including the distribution hierarchy, pricing, discounts and commissions. The commission structure is flexible, and all commissions are calculated automatically in real-time. All transactions are secure and are verified before being committed.

Why you need it

Electronic recharge allows Operators to maintain control over the distribution network, recharge products, pricing, and margin, ensuring adequate sales coverage across their entire distributor and customer base while being shielded from direct reseller management and associated costs. Prepaid Operators can achieve savings in the areas of voucher production, warehousing, distribution, and fraud while offering an improved recharge service for their customers. This makes electronic recharge an absolute necessity for Operators who wish to reduce costs in these areas and improve their mobile business.

In 2019 many Operators have some form of electronic recharge. This shows that it has become a valuable asset for many companies worldwide to better serve their market. Operators who have an electronic recharge solution enjoy a high level of control and visibility over their entire prepaid mobile business, which helps them to succeed year after year. Make sure to obtain the best electronic recharge technology partner by taking into account all aspects of your business as previously mentioned.

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