How does IoT work?

The wide growth of internet usage has pushed technology providers to seek alternatives to digitize day-to-day business activities in order to make them easier and more cost effective to execute. Due to this growing need, IoT (Internet of Things) technology was created as a solution that could provide digital automation to such business activities.

IoT, simply put, refers to the ability to transform any object into a smart device by connecting it to the internet or a digital network. This facilitates automation and thus allows for more efficient performance of the activities the IoT device is programmed to do.

But, how does IoT work?

IoT platforms manage the connection between objects connected to each other through the internet (or any digital network) to facilitate the performance of the task by the IoT device. For this to happen, three elements need to be synchronized:

(1) Devices: Smart devices equipped accordingly to allow the connection with the IoT network (chips, sensors, antennas, among others).

(2) Network: This is the connection intermediary such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data.

(3) The IoT Data Control Platform: This is required to control and manage the data collected from the devices.

Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform is one such platform that can be used to improve critical aspects of business such as:

  1. Cost reduction
  2. Efficiency and productivity
  3. Business opportunities
  4. Customer experience
  5. Mobility and agility

This is why many businesses in several sectors such as telecommunications, health care, education, government, and more, look for the best IoT Data Control Platform providers.

As such, IoT Data Control services clearly represent an excellent opportunity for mobile carriers (MNOs) and other technology providers to develop new revenue streams by offering it to their B2B customers.

Emida is now offering a state-of-the-art IoT Data Control Platform that allows MNOs a new way of monetizing their mobile networks by allowing them opportunity to offer controlled data services to small, medium, and large businesses, government, and educational institutions.

Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform allows MNOs to:

  • Efficiently manage the amount of data on any device of your network.
  • Obtain reports in real-time across data management in all devices.
  • Have a turnkey solution as no integration between the IoT Platform and your BSS/OSS is necessary.

To learn more about how Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform can become a NEW revenue stream for your mobile business, please contact us at to arrange a demo or request a custom proposal.