How Covid-19 is accelerating mobile carriers’ business customers’ adoption of IoT


The last few years have seen Internet of Things (IoT) grow from a theoretical concept to a major priority for mobile carriers looking for more tools to meet the demands of their business customers.

These challenging Covid-19-times, however, have accelerated mobile carriers’ business customers’ need for IoT control tools; this, as a consequence of the wider use of data resulting from social distancing regulations.

The “new normal” use of data has affected, not just the amount of data traffic, but also the schedule for network usage peak hours; this has created a demand for a system that allows mobile carriers’ business customers to have more control to manage the data distribution between all connected devices to their network.

Emida’s IoT Control Platform has been specifically designed with a complete focus on data management, and it’s ideal to help mobile carriers’ business customers face the new data control and management challenges.

Benefits mobile carriers’ business customers can see by implementing Emida’s IoT Control Platform include:

1)     Obtaining real-time data on how every device on their data plan is used, helping each company to craft better and more efficient policies and filters.

2)     The ability to track and monitor detailed data usage on each device allows your business customers to have more control of their operations, and consequently, their costs.

3)     Mobile carriers’ business customers have used the platform to automate processes thereby reducing workloads.

These outcomes convince Emida that more mobile carriers can benefit from the deployment of our IoT Control Platform to align with the new market demand and emerge stronger from this crisis.

Don’t wait any longer! Learn more about how Emida’s IoT Control Platform can help you improve your mobile data offer to your business customers during these unprecedented times. Please contact us at to arrange a demo or request a custom proposal.