How Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of IoT technology in education

In response to the challenges created due to Covid-19, the adoption of IoT in many industries has accelerated. This has not only impacted telecom operators, but also many other business sectors. One example is creating a need for IoT in the education sector.


The impact of IoT in education

Schools and universities resuming their academic activities have had to get creative in order to comply with social distancing regulations. This has led them to switch to an online teaching model to provide their classes remotely, providing an answer for any institutions wondering if IoT can be implemented in education. The answer is a resounding “yes”. The adoption of IoT technology in the education sector enables connectivity between schools, teachers, and students, allowing them the opportunities to resume working, teaching and learning while remaining compliant with social distancing regulations.

Changes associated with the adoption of IoT in education due to Covid-19 include:

  • New ways for students to learn have been created which support more personalized and dynamic learning experiences.
  • Teachers’ ability to measure the students learning progress in real-time have improved due to course completion tracking.
  • Better access to learning materials and communication channels for teachers and students is now available online.
  • Operations for education administrators have been streamlined by allowing proactive monitoring of critical infrastructure to create more efficient, cost effective processes.
  • Social distancing has created a pressing need for a better-connected and more collaborative future for education.


How MNOs can support the adoption of IoT in education through Emida

Emida provides MNOs with an IoT Data Control Platform to control the data usage of connected devices. The functionalities provided by our platform allow MNOs to give educational institutions complete control and visibility over the internet data they provide on their networks to administrators, teachers and students. Since educational institutions now have a strong need to provide classes online, it is of utmost importance for them to be able to manage their networks more efficiently.

Emida is now offering a state-of-the-art IoT Data Control Platform that allows MNOs a new way of monetizing their mobile networks by allowing them to offer controlled data services to educational institutions.

Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform allows MNOs to:

  • Efficiently manage the amount of data on any device of your network.
  • Obtain reports in real-time across data management in all devices.
  • Have a turnkey solution as no integration between the IoT Platform and your BSS/OSS is necessary.

To learn more about how Emida’s IoT Data Control Platform can become a NEW revenue stream for your mobile business, please contact us at to arrange a demo or request a custom proposal.