Are you losing revenue due to fraud and theft in your mobile business?

How many times have your mobile customers called you about theft of scratch cards or damage to PIN numbers? One of the most important things for mobile business nowadays is protecting your mobile subscribers, clerks and distributors from fraud and theft. If scratch cards are still part of your mobile portfolio, evidence shows they will definitely increase risk. Not only will this affect customer loyalty, but it will also put your revenue in jeopardy. Please consider what follows to illustrate the risks you and your customers face.

1. Cards get lost or stolen

Mobile scratch cards can easily be lost or stolen leading to revenue loss for you or your distributors. Such loss or theft can occur when the cards are being shipped or distributed; or during daily operations at their merchant locations. In extreme cases, thieves steal cards, obtain their PINs and then replace the film on the scratch card. When the card is activated, the thief quickly drains the card. As a consequence, you will see your revenue affected directly.

2. Pin on the card becomes compromised

When customers scratch a card, the pin gets exposed, at this time if the card falls into the hands of another person, then that person can use it for themselves. In addition, there are companies set up to steal or duplicate cards. Once again, these scenarios directly impact your services and revenue.

The solution:

Digitizing your mobile products instead of using scratch cards by implementing a state-of-the-art electronic recharge system allows you to eliminate the risks to your revenue referenced above. If you want to eliminate fraud and theft in your mobile business, it’s important that you have the right technology partner with experience in resolving these issues. If you find yourself in such a situation make sure to contact us today to discuss the opportunities that are available for your mobile business.