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Other Services for Mobile Carriers

Effectively manage your entire distribution channel with only one system. Click the image above to see the video.

Distribution Channel Management

Provides Operators with real-time insight and data on prepaid subscribers as they recharge including how often, where and how much they recharge. 

Subscriber Intelligence Tools

Subscriber NPS and Survey Response Tool

A service Emida provides for progressive, forward-thinking Operators. Prepaid customers generate much of your revenue. Doesn’t it make sense to know and measure how satisfied they are with your services?.

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with our IoT control platform.

Take a tour to learn more about our latest tools to control and manage the data on any device connected to your network for any business customer. 

Solve data management challenges

  • Easily control and management of SIM data 
  • Control of data consumption of any mobile device
  • Limit data usage per any period of time
  • Access tools and reports in real time and much more!

Intelligent IoT tools for your business customers.

Solve data

management challenges

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