WhatsApp Chat Commerce for MNOs

A NEW OPPORTUNITY for Mobile Operators is HERE!

Emida is now able to offer electronic recharge and other subscriber services using WhatsApp, presenting an opportunity for you to easily leverage an app used regularly by most prepaid subscribers worldwide and to associate your brand with that app.

Electronic recharge through whatsappMobile operators are able to serve customers’ electronic recharge needs by being able to:

  • Create a company account – Create a company profile account for users to find you on WhatsApp.
  • View prepaid balance – Allow subscribers to easily monitor their prepaid balance.
  • Purchase airtime – Offer users the ability to purchase airtime through a popular tool they know and trust, WhatsApp!
  • Purchase mobile data – Mobile operators can also offer users the ability to purchase mobile data.
  • Obtain direct subscriber feedback – Obtain feedback directly from users about products and services.


Don’t wait, reach out to us today about this innovative way to serve your subscribers’  needs!

Whatsapp Chat Commerce


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