Reduce operational costs for your prepaid business

Approximately 7% – 10% of an operator’s revenue is lost due to unnecessarily high operational costs. Emida’s Electronic Recharge & Distribution Management System provides a definite competitive advantage while dramatically lowering ongoing operating expenses through conveniently eliminating the usage of scratch cards and other important factors associated with electronic recharge and the efficient management of the distribution channel.

How Emida’s mobile recharge platform can help operators to lower prepaid operating expenses:

  • Recapture prepaid cards costs
  • Recapture airtime and infrastructure costs
  • Eliminating prepaid card manufacturing and distribution
  • Eliminating warehousing, shipping, taxes and duties
  • Eliminating fraud, theft and out of stock conditions
  • Eliminating additional IVR equipment, fixed denominations, free calls
  • Eliminating PIN generation and management and offering an environmental – GREEN Solution