Subscriber NPS and Survey Response Tool

A service Emida provides for progressive, forward-thinking Operators.

Prepaid customers generate much of your revenue. Doesn’t it make sense to know and measure how satisfied they are with your services?.

Many operators pay large sums to know what interests, motivates and delights postpaid customers – to some, this investment is odd because we know a lot about these customers already through business intelligence dredged from billing systems, apps and more. But hang on: your prepaid customers generate a lot of your revenue too, correct? Isn’t it time we put some money and thought into knowing and measuring how satisfied they are with your services?

The good news is that your prepaid customers interact with your organization regularly – every time they recharge their plans or accounts gives an opportunity to see what they think about you.

With our new Prepaid Customer NPS & Survey Response Collection tool, we can provide a turnkey service to generate:

  • NPS data in real-time immediately following the subscriber’s recharge experience. Find out whether individual customers would recommend you to their friends or family… NOW.
  • NPS follow-ups. Contact NPS respondees to flesh out their scores and gather qualitative information on how they perceive your services.
  • Other data. Generate customized surveys to poll your customers on network performance, new products or promotions, customer care, retail/POS experience, and more.
  • Fully Automated and Data Rich. all surveys delivered automatically and via SMS with full reporting and data analysis available in real-time.

Easy Survey Configuration

Emida’s Subscriber NPS and Survey Response Tool allow easy configuration of survey criteria and eligibility to invite prepaid customers to participate.

  • Easily configure your survey in the support site.
  • Add selected questions to the survey.
  • Manage survey time window, eligible products, text notifications and more.
  • Receive your subscribers’ responses in real-time.
  • Access to specific report modules with NPS scores, survey data and more!

If you’d like to schedule a call to see what Subscriber NPS and Survey Response Tool can do for your mobile business, please contact us at today!