Special Occasion Top-Up

Emida, the industry leader in direct top up (DTU), continues to innovate in the telecom market by offering Special Occasion Top UpTM.

This innovative, Emida exclusive product has proven to increase operator revenues by 2-5%! Allow your subscribers the ability to send a “Happy Birthday” wish or a “Have a Great Day” message along with a top up… and tap into the multi-billion dollar greeting card industry. This is a great impulse purchase opportunity!

Special Occasion Top UpTM allows someone to top up another person’s mobile phone while at the same time; sending a special personalized message to the subscriber. The number of special occasions is only limited to the carrier’s imagination.

Summary of Special Occasion Top UpTM operator’s benefits:

  • Increase recharge revenues by up to 5%
  • Taps into the multi-billion dollar greeting card industry
  • Offers a great impulse purchase opportunity
  • The number of Special Occasion products Is only limited to the operator’s imagination.