QR Code Top-Up

Protect Subscriber Security

QR Code Top-UpTM allows prepaid subscribers to recharge quickly and anonymously.

Operators around the world rely on Emida’s cutting-edge technology to protect their subscriber’s private information at the time of recharge. QR Code Top-UpTM provides extremely fast and 100% secure recharging.  And it is voucherless and PINless meaning there is NO inventory to maintain or that can get stolen. The Emida platform allows Operators to track all QR Code Top-UpTM activity in real-time and provide incentives or customer loyalty rewards based on its use.

 Benefits of QR Code Top-UpTM  to Operators.

  • Save money. Save on inventory for, and production and administration of prepaid cards and pins. And costs Operators bear in providing scratch cards are eliminated as QR Code Top-UpTM is completely electronic.
  • Fewer problems. Receive fewer recharge-related problem calls.  The phone number to be recharged is stored in the QR code, so the merchant will never enter it incorrectly.
  • Enhanced recharge experience. Subscribers appreciate the speed and safety of recharging their personal accounts in a secure, electronic form and the transaction no longer involves manual entry of their phone number.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Merchants no longer need to supply paper for subscribers to write down their phone numbers as phone numbers are no longer needed at point-of-sale.