Crossborder top up products for your customers

With one of the highest profit margins of all prepaid products, prepaid long distance means convenience and value for your customers, and increased revenue and traffic for you. Emida partners with major operators and MVNOs worldwide, so whether your customer needs to call across the country or around the world, you’ve got the solution. Customers can take advantage of Emida’s many prepaid long distance options, including calling cards, PINs, and top up.

Prepaid long distance is perfect for consumers who don’t need or want to carry a landline account (or who may not qualify for one), and the use of prepaid long distance is growing year over year as a cost-saving and budget-conscious alternative.



Mobile Net PIN-Less allows customers to make international calls without ever dialing a PIN code again. Mobile Net PIN-Less system automatically detects the account when calling from a registered telephone number and enables customers to make an international call without a prompt to enter their PIN number.

Product features

  • Works like a top up (variable amount from $2 to $200)
  • Customer can register up to 99 phone numbers for each account
  • No connection fee, no maintenance fee, no end of call taxation and no data plan required



logo_homiesnomasHomies No Mas

Homies No Mas is the future of international calling! This easy-to-use service allows users to make long distance calls anywhere in the world at low, discounted rates. Users dial a local number or toll free access number, and the system automatically recognizes the number the user is calling from. The user then enters the international phone number and they are connected at the Homies No Mas ultra-competitive rates.

Product features

  • Pinless dialing
  • Works like top up with variable rates between $1-$100
  • 100% clean – no maintenance fees, no tax fees, no service charges and bills in one minute increments




Making international phone calls is easy and affordable with the DollarPhonePinless prepaid international calling plan.With real rates better than most international phone cards and prepaid calling cards, convenient features like PINless Dialing and Speed Dial and viewable Online Call Detail Reports, DollarPhonePinless makes international dialing a pleasure.

Product features

  • Single minute billing
  • PINless dialing
  • Strictly pay-as-you-go (no contracts)
  • Works with any phone
  • No additional taxes or ‘maintenance’ monthly fees
  • Customers can view their payment transaction history and call details online