Merchants of all sizes benefit from Emida’s proven network technology and wide range of consumer-based services including prepaid wireless, prepaid long distance, direct top-up, and bill payment. In addition, Emida’s cross border transfer capability allows your customers to purchase and transfer prepaid services and money to family and friends in other countries, including Mexico and most Latin American nations. Capture new sales, increase traffic and increase repeat business by offering more of what your customers demand.

Merchant benefits include:

  • Become a destination for prepaid purchases, bill payments and other electronic transactions
  • Cross border transactions
  • Never out of stock, with access to limitless product inventory
  • Use your valuable shelf space more efficiently
  • Reduce the risk of managing printed prepaid cards
  • Increase store traffic and ticket value by offering multiple services at the point of sale
  • Manage your performance by using real-time, web-based administration & reporting console