A modernized sales portal for activations and port-ins

InstaPay Portal is Emida’s modernized sales portal designed to enhance the user’s experience. We have redesigned our platform in every aspect to provide a compelling easy-to-use tool with a modern user-friendly aesthetic. With its clean design, training staff becomes simple and time efficient.


  • Modern layout
  • Easy self management portal
  • Live earnings dashboard
  • Easy access to all info
  • Daily sales report (by product)
  • Commission tracking
  • Assign levels of access
  • Management of favorite products
  • Live top up verification

InstaPay Portal highlights:

  • *New* User roles feature allows admin and standard users
  • *New* Dashboard feature for immediate confirmation of commissions, sales and refunds
  • The industry’s only modernized AND 100% reliable portal for activations and port-ins.
  • Set favorite products, verify top ups instantly and manage your account info.

To log in to the portal please visit: www.instapayportal.com

Contact us about InstaPay Portal today at ussales@emida.net!