Emida helps you offer prepaid financial services to your customers

Emida is proud to offer prepaid financial services that build your portfolio of products and offer your customers convenient, safe and cost-effective financial solutions.


Bill Payment
In many regions of the world, bill paying is a risky proposition. In others, it’s just a nuisance. Emida’s payment processing platform makes it easier for everyone. Emida’s bill payment solutions give you access to thousands of billers, including utilities, post-paid telecommunication providers, insurance, credit cards and many more. With Emida’s bill pay, consumers can now pay at local merchant shops, and eliminate the time and risk of taking cash to a payment office. Plus, they get the convenience of being able to pay bills while they take care of their shopping or prepaid top up. Statistics show that adding bill pay options increases traffic, increases ticket value and increases repeat business.


ATT_logoAT&T Post Paid

Provide your AT&T customers with a convenient new service! AT&T contract customers can now conveniently pay their wireless bills at merchant locations across the U.S. in real time. Account holders only need to provide their wireless number and the payment amount.

Product Features

  • Wireless payment applied in real time
  • Transaction payment amounts from $3.01 to $503
  • No agent sign up necessary

logo_IPPIPP Bill Payment

We’ve partnered with IPP (In Person Payments) to provide an all-in-one bill payment solution to unbanked consumers. IPP has been the leading independent national network of neighborhood-based payment centers for over 15 years, providing a safe, secure and easy way for consumers to pay their bills.

Product Features

  • Low set-up fees
  • Over 17,000 locations nationwide, processing over 12 million payments annually
  • Payments typically posted in 1 to 2 business days

Debit Platform
Emida’s Debit Platform is a revolutionary central electronic portal (mobile phone, tablet, internet or laptop based) where users can access a variety of payment features and methods. The debit platform can be used in any environment where cash management & collection is a problem or where virtual cash/benefits management improves the customer experience.