Emida’s prepaid solutions in the Extended Caribbean

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Emida’s presence in the Extended Caribbean has grown steadily over the recent years thanks to our strong regional partnerships, solid network and widespread consumer use. The Emida network provides a mobile recharge platform, bringing prepaid services to mobile users in the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Saint Marteen, Guyana, Panama,  among others.

The mobile subscribers in these countries enjoy the benefits of direct top up, where any amount can be applied to any phone. No pins are required, and fees are low. In addition, our Cross Border capability means that consumers can transfer airtime to friends and family in the region.

Merchants benefit with our direct top up solution because they’ll never face recharge out-of-stock situations. Direct top up eliminates card manufacturing costs, shipping, handling or warehousing costs, denomination revenue loss and free wireless airtime. In addition, merchants see increased ARPU, market share and profitability from day one. Direct top up can be sold from multiple devices such as POSA terminals, kiosks, cash register, PC terminal or phone-to-phone.

If you’re not already part of Emida’s Extended Caribbean network, join us today. Contact us about Caribbean partnership opportunities, and start providing your customers with solutions for success in the prepaid industry.


Emida’s prepaid solutions in Latin America

Contact: international@emida.net

Building and operating electronic point-of-sale networks to provide transaction and payment services to the unbanked population is at the heart of Emida’s Latin American business model. Emida partners with distributors in every country who bring local market expertise and experience to merchants large and small. Our Latin America partners know the owners of the local bodega, they understand the needs of big box retailers, they empathize with the problems faced by local consumers, and they work hand-in-hand with Emida to bring solutions and value to each of them.

Once the Emida network is in place, the possibilities for each Latin American market segment are endless. While many merchants start with a focus on prepaid wireless, they quickly move to offer their retail customers bill payment, lottery, and direct top up. Emida was one of the first networks with proven, reliable and safe cross border value transfer for traditional value transfer corridors like between the US and Latin American countries and between Latin American countries – thereby addressing a rising need in most Latin American markets.

Electronic transaction processing offers consumers a more efficient, much safer means of taking care of vital day-to-day payment needs. Retailers who use the Emida Electronic Recharge and Distribution Management System see, on average, increased in-store consumer traffic, considerably higher revenues and higher average purchase ticket size from the new electronic payment offerings and additional purchases of other store products. Retailers have reported as much as a 100% increase in reload traffic, reload amounts of greater than 40% per subscriber, and an 80% increase in customer satisfaction.

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