A superior mobile recharge platform

Emida’s Electronic Recharge and Distribution Management System is an electronic payment processing platform designed to provide an exceptional customer experience to your prepaid subscribers by allowing them to conveniently and instantly top up any amount to their prepaid account (wireless, landline, cable, etc).  Emida’s Electronic Recharge and Distribution Management System also gives the telecom operator or service provider unprecedented visibility and control over their distribution channel. Every transaction, every point-of-sale and every mobile account is visible in real-time.   Products and rate plans for the distribution channel can be customized and revised on the fly with total control in the hands of the operator.

Our mobile recharge platform eliminates the need for scratch cards and pins through a secure and effortless payment process that requires only a few key steps:



Emida’s direct top up system is designed to support and meet the needs of the entire distribution chain with tools that help drive revenue and subscriber growth.

Our innovative payment processing platform can also be used as a powerful marketing tool to stimulate mobile top up through promotion and loyalty campaigns. Our system also facilitates the creation of new products and flexible recharging methods attracting new customer segments. Through any web based PC, iOS, or Android device, cash register systems or kiosks – service providers, operators, distributors, and retailers can sell any number of products including cellular direct top up, long distance, home phone, internet, bill payment, loyalty programs, and much more.

Any number of agents, sub agents, representatives, merchants, and point-of-sale’s (POS) can be connected to Emida’s Electronic Recharge and Distribution Management System.

Key highlights of our Electronic Recharge & Distribution Management Platform:

For over 20 years, Emida has been dedicated to providing a 100% reliable and secure technology solutions specializing in providing state-of-the-art electronic payment processing, mobile recharge and distribution channel management to telecom operators, distributors and retailers around the world. We are continuously innovating on behalf of our customers and ensuring that our technology is at the vanguard of the industry.


Additional highlights

  • Full end-to-end visibility of your entire prepaid distribution channel
  • Manage commissions to distribution
  • Reduce operational costs for your prepaid business
  • Process prepaid and postpaid services