Subscriber Intelligence

Subscriber IntelligenceTM provides Operators with real-time insight and data on prepaid subscribers as they recharge including how often, where and how much they recharge.

Subscriber IntelligenceTM Engagement Tools

Emida has developed tools to allow Operators to engage with subscribers as they recharge.  These tools include NPS measurements and custom survey responses which Emida stores for easy retrieval in real-time reports.

Subscriber IntelligenceTM Reporting

Emida consolidates key prepaid subscriber data and allows it to be easily viewed, analyzed, and managed by the Operator.  Reports allow the creation of risk management profiles, subscriber “loyalty” categories for enhanced incentives, special promotions or pricing, reward programs, targeted value added service offerings, etc.

Benefits of Subscriber IntelligenceTM for Operators

  • Obtain detailed reporting of subscriber data.
  • Analyze subscriber recharge activity for trends and patterns.
  • Organize subscribers into Gold/Silver/Standard type categories based on recharge patterns.
  • Create subscriber-focused promotional incentives.

Obtain reports with meaningful data and stay ahead of the competition!