Prepaid solutions for operators
Emida’s transaction processing software provides Operators with a fully automated method of dispensing mobile recharge, prepaid products and services. Our software for prepaid products and services is an innovative and user-friendly Electronic Recharge and Distribution Management System designed to operate seamlessly via (point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, cash registers, PCs (web-based portals) or phone-to-phone.

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Distributors & ISOs

Prepaid solutions for distributors & ISOs 
Emida’s fully comprehensive package of prepaid products, services and tools allow distributors to efficiently manage and grow a market-leading distribution channel. Our technology provides the foundation for distributors to offer a wide range of prepaid solutions including wireless, long distance, bill payment, lottery, and an Electronic Recharge and Distribution Management System, all running in virtually every POS terminal in the field, to give you access to the majority of retail locations.

Emida serves the independent retailer market through independent sales organizations (ISOs) and has developed market-leading programs that enable ISOs to win and retain retail customers. Whether it’s great customer service, ease of set-up, flexibility in point-of-sale (POS) delivery, efficient administration, settlement and reporting, or delivering on a tailor-made product offering for each retail merchant, Emida offers prepaid solutions for ISOs to effectively manage their business. With Emida, the ISO owns their retail merchant accounts and can confidently partner with us to serve their customers.

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Prepaid solutions for retailers
Retailers of all sizes benefit from Emida’s proven software platform and wide range of consumer-based services including prepaid wireless, prepaid long distance, direct top up, and bill payment. In addition, Emida’s cross border transfer capability allows your customers to purchase and transfer prepaid services and money to family and friends in other countries, including Mexico and most Latin American nations. Capture new sales, increase traffic and increase repeat business by offering more of what your customers demand.

Big box retailers use the Emida network and family of services to offer their customers single-stop retail convenience. Becoming a member of the Emida network means increased ticket value, traffic and repeat business. Now consumers can shop for everything they need in your retail store, and upon checkout, top up their prepaid wireless services, buy prepaid long distance, and pay bills. You can choose to add one or all of these services, and expand your offering anytime. Emida’s cross border transactions allows consumers to top up prepaid services and pay bills for friends and family in other countries. And transactions are completed over terminals you already have in place (point-of-sale, PC, cash register, kiosk, etc.) You can even conduct transactions phone-to-phone. Join the Emida network today and offer more of what your customers want – convenience.

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Service Providers

Prepaid solutions for service providers
Emida’s Electronic Recharge and Distribution Management solutions provides a solid, proven, state-of-the-art platform that allows Service Providers worldwide to offer more e-finance products and services to their customers, including bill payment, lottery and prepaid wireless.

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