Content Providers

Emida offers its customers access to thousands of retail points of sale across the globe including highly specialized distribution services in U.S. and Mexico thus increasing providers’ sales, customer acquisition and geographical reach.

Emida’s suite of POS terminals delivers the flexibility for providers to make their content available in any environment. Finally, the user-friendly Distribution Channel Management Platform  allows providers to have full control and visibility over every level of the distribution channel where their products are distributed and sold to end users.

Content provider benefits include:

  •  Access to Emida’s global network of distribution partners representing thousands of points of distribution.
  • Real-time visibility of the distribution channel, including 65+ reports on sales, productivity, liability, and more.
  • New customer acquisition capabilities at the POS.
  • Inventory management for provider products.  Assign and monitor inventory at all levels of the distribution channel.
  • Marketing Support – Providers rely on Emida’s marketing experts for support with graphic design, social media management, product promotions, and more.