About Us

Who we are

Emida has 20+ years of experience delivering customized technology for prepaid mobile recharge and postpaid mobile payments to our partners world-wide. Emida maintains a presence in 37 countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, North America, Asia and the Pacific. Emida has offices in the U.S.A., Colombia and Mexico.

What We Offer

As a global leader in providing software and services for telecom operators, distributors and retailers, Emida prides itself on delivering highly customized and scalable telecom technology solutions to support the needs of our customers. Our desire to innovate and customize our technology is demonstrated by the fact that we are both the creators and the users of our proprietary systems as, in addition to serving our customers in dozens of countries, we employ our technology in our own U.S. and Mexican distribution businesses.

Who we serve

Our customers are telecom operators, content providers, distributors and retailers. In our efforts to serve them, Emida continues to remain at the vanguard of premium technology solutions to help our customers increase market share and achieve operational efficiency by:

  • Developing customized solutions – From our POS systems to the various features of our distribution channel management platform, we customize our technology to solve any challenge that our customers are facing to succeed with their business. Our products promote customer retention and improve customer experiences with high-end tools such as the promotion engine and real-time reports.
  • Improving the customer experience – With innovative POS solutions (QR Code Top UpTM, SMS Top UpTM, etc) and tools to manage inventory and retailer balances, Emida ensures that subscribers will enjoy an excellent experience at the POS.
  • Reducing operational costs – Emida guarantees to reduce operational costs for our customers by offering the latest in digital solutions and removing scratch cards, thereby lowering logistical costs in the distribution of products, and lowering costs of payment collection and commissions distribution to the retailer network.
  • Increasing operational efficiency  – Our technology has provided our customers with an increased level of visibility and awareness of their operation including geolocation of points of sale, product performance and sales trends, operational risks such as low inventory and financial risks such as retailer liability.
  • Providing fully managed services – We install, support and monitor our technology 24x7x365 using the latest in cloud technology and NOC software.

Emida Quick Facts:

  • Leading global prepaid payment technology around the world.
  • Offices in 3 countries: USA, Mexico, Colombia.
  • Operations in 37 Countries.
  • Supporting tens of thousands of retail points of sale.
  • Transacting hundreds of millions in annualized payment volume.
  • Direct connections with dozens of wireless carriers and other service providers.
  • Providing mobile top-up to over 150 million prepaid subscribers.