Three Ways Electronic Recharge Improves Customer Experience

With competition ever intensifying in the telecom industry, operators continually seek new ways to keep their mobile subscribers happy and satisfied. Many operators serve large prepaid markets and prepaid subscribers regularly top-up their accounts as part of their everyday life. This article seeks to outline how operators can use the top-up process to help deliver outstanding customer experience to this important market.

Web-based research suggests great electronic recharge technology enables better customer and merchant experiences and so contributes to improved satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.  Read below for three ways in which you, a telecom operator, can use electronic recharge to improve customer experience.

  1. Electronic recharge significantly reduces the top-up time for customers. Allowing your customers to top-up their mobile phone without having to enter long PIN numbers or scratching a prepaid card is a sure way to make them happier. Put another way, how can one expect valued customers to be satisfied when they are required to enter 12 or more digits to reload accounts?
  2. Electronic recharge has options to protect customer privacy. Standard electronic top-up requires public use of the customer’s phone number. But some customers feel uncomfortable giving personal information in this way. No problem – leading technology providers offer options that avoid this concern such as scannable QR codes or tokens. And these options allow shorter top-up times too.
  3. Electronic recharge includes innovative recharge options to delight your customers. Let’s say one of your customers wishes to surprise a loved one with a birthday gift. But the birthday is tomorrow and the store is already closed. Imagine how happy your customer would be if she could send a top-up gift accompanied by a unique message? Some technology providers offer services like these and they offer a great way to make your customers happy.

So what is your next step?  Contact your recharge technology partner to check they have what it takes to help you improve your customer’s experience – and, thus contribute to your targets for loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

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