Emida Announces Release of Smartphone Android POS

FOOTHILL RANCH, California, July 3, 2014 (Business Wire) – Emida, a leader in the global prepayment and value transfer market, is proud to announce the launch of its new Smartphone Android POS application.

Following excellent feedback from thorough market testing, the application is now available to all US partners. The no-cost application is optimized for all Android smartphone and tablet devices. The app features many of the same reporting capabilities and functions of Emida’s standard POS terminals, along with a 3-5 second average transaction time.

The application marks another release within a series of products being produced by Emida’s Innovations Team, a group which aims to “provide the prepaid market with smarter, more effective solutions which address the real needs of the prepaid market.”

“Emida has always prided itself on being the most innovative processor in the global prepaid market,” said Traci Jones, VP of Global Product Development. “We know through our 20 years of experience that we excel in prepaid technology simply because we understand the needs of our partners, worldwide. It’s precisely this knowledge of our markets that has led our Innovations Team to produce powerful technologies, like the Smartphone Android POS. We are certain that this application, along with the upcoming products still yet to be released, will continue to transform the prepaid market and will further grow our partners’ prepaid footprints.”

About Emida

Emida is a leader in the global prepayment and value transfer market, operating in 37 countries throughout North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East and Europe. We support a network of more than 54,000 retail points with an annual dollar payment volume in excess of $1.5B, processing more than 240 million annual payment transactions.

Our network technology enables the domestic and international distribution and value transfer of many types of prepaid products and payment services. Our strategy is to build profitable, robust distribution networks for many prepaid products in targeted operating geographies, and to introduce unique cross border value products between regions. Our payment processing platform provides robust revenue solutions for distributors, ISOs, retailers, carriers and service providers alike.

Media contact:

Lisbeth Cabrera Spencer

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