Emida Scores Highly in Q4, 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey

FOOTHILL RANCH, California, February 2, 2011 (Business Wire) – Emida, a leader in the global prepayment and value transfer market, continues to receive positive customer satisfaction results.

Emida regularly conducts satisfaction surveys twice a year and 2010 has followed the same trends seen the year prior.  Results highlighted Emida’s strength in customer service and account management with 97% of participants affirming that Emida’s customer support is highly responsive and 85% responding that they were highly satisfied with Emida’s customer service operations. One customer, who had been with two processors prior to Emida, said “Emida’s customer service has really been second to none.”

Shane Belovsky, Director of Customer Service and Quality Assurance said “We were pleased with the results of our customer satisfaction survey last year, and this year we are excited to see that we have again exceeded customer expectations. Recently, more of our customers have chosen Emida’s Direct Premium Customer Support, which we associate with the increase in satisfaction we have seen.”

An additional highlight from the survey is an increase in satisfaction with Emida’s system functionality and existing products across all international geographies from the previous two quarters. The survey also emphasized Emida’s ability to meet customer business management needs with the tools and reports available on Emida’s support site, and 81% said they would highly recommend Emida as a prepaid service provider.

About Emida

Emida is a leader in the global prepayment and value transfer market, operating in 37 countries including the U.S., Mexico, 21 countries in the Caribbean, Panama, El Salvador, Belize, Papua New Guinea and 7 other countries in the South Pacific, as well as the United Arab Emirates and two markets in Africa. We support a network of more than 46,000 retail points with an annual dollar payment volume in excess of $1B, processing more than 180 million annual payment transactions.

Our network technology enables the domestic and international distribution and value transfer of many types of prepaid products and payment services. Our strategy is to build profitable, robust distribution networks for many prepaid products in targeted operating geographies, and to introduce unique cross border value products between regions. Our payment processing platform provides robust revenue solutions for distributors, ISOs, retailers, carriers and service providers alike.

For more information, please visit www.emida.net or email info@emida.net.
Media contact: Traci Benincosa, Emida; +1 949-699-1401 x1311; tbenincosa@emida.net

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