Emida Announces Realignment to Better Serve Customers

FOOTHILL RANCH, California, November 15, 2010 (Business Wire) – Emida CEO Dennis Andrews announced a corporate realignment that emphasizes one of Emida’s strategic objectives to strengthen customer relationships through exceptional service.

From January to September of this year, the volume of transactions Emida processed increased more than 43% and is expected to increase more than 74% for the entire year.  After the tremendous growth Emida has seen in recent months, it has become apparent that realignment is an advantageous technique for enhancing Emida’s ability to scale up and manage delivery of quality, high-volume systems.

Now operating in 36 countries and processing more than 20 million transactions a month, Emida will not lose sight of how they got here. Effective immediately, Emida is expanding General Management ranks and their defined roles. Each General Manager is now clearly aligned with a specific geography and has been given more resources to address and directly manage the challenges and opportunities that exist within each geography.

Emida CEO Dennis Andrews commented that “while [he] views these changes as necessary and significant, they are very much in line with Emida’s trajectory and rely on key and proven Emida players to grow and elevate their contribution to its customers.”

About Emida

Emida is a leader in the global prepayment and value transfer market, operating in 36 countries throughout North, Central and South America, the extended Caribbean, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East and Europe. We support a network of more than 54,000 retail points with an annual dollar payment volume in excess of $1.5B, processing more than 240 million annual payment transactions.

Our network technology enables the domestic and international distribution and value transfer of many types of prepaid products and payment services. Our strategy is to build profitable, robust distribution networks for many prepaid products in targeted operating geographies, and to introduce unique cross border value products between regions. Our payment processing platform provides robust revenue solutions for distributors, ISOs, retailers, carriers and service providers alike.

For more information, please visit www.emida.net or email info@emida.net.
Media contact: Traci Benincosa, Emida; +1 949-699-1401 x1311; tbenincosa@emida.net

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