Emida Expands Puntoflex Network To Ecuador

Miami, June 10, 2004 – EMIDA, a provider of transactional networks for electronic prepaid distribution, store value and money transfer targeting the Global Hispanic market and PREflex de Ecuador, announced the launching of the PUNTOflex Network in Ecuador, after signing a strategic agreement early this year.

David Brillembourg, CEO of EMIDA commented, “We are very pleased with the launching of PUNTOflex in Ecuador in such a short timeframe. Ecuador is a large prepaid and money transfer market that exceeded US$1.6 billion in 2003, which represented 10% of the country GDP in remittances only.”

Francisco Perez, Vice President of PREflex del Ecuador commented, “We already initiated negotiations with major retailers and convenience stores which are very interested in offering prepaid services and other electronic transactions at their points of sales”.

Initially, PUNTOflex will integrate points of sale (POS) at major retailers, banks and money transfer companies and will enable other service providers to offer their prepaid services, store value cards and money transfer services in a more cost-efficient way.

EMIDA’s multi-product platform and PUNTOflex Network offers important opportunities for retailers, banks, telcos and money transfer companies looking to capture funds from remittances, store value and prepaid services to expand their core businesses.

Money senders in the U.S. and other countries will be able to send money to their relatives in Ecuador and assign the use of funds for specific goods or services at affiliated retailers by directly selecting specific products, paying basic services and using store value cards to make purchases and to withdraw cash from ATMs.

About Emida
Emida is deploying PUNTOflex, a growing electronic transactional network which enables electronic prepaid service distribution, money transfer, and stored value card processing. Emida is focusing initially on the Global Hispanic and Latin American markets.

For more information on Emida’s products and services visit www.emida.net

About Preflex del Ecuador
Preflex del Ecuador is EMIDA’s local partner managing and operating the PUNTOflex Network which enables electronic prepaid service distribution, money transfer, and stored value card processing.

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