Subscriber Intelligence

Getting to know the habits and desires of its subscribers is critical for a Mobile Operator to continuously deliver the most value to its consumers. Every detail is important to allow Operators to know the behavior of subscribers at the moment of recharge. For example, where are they recharging? How often are they recharging? How much are they spending and what (airtime, data, VAS, etc) are they spending their money on?

Since knowing this information and integrating it into the Operator’s sales, marketing, and operations is essential to the Operator’s success, Emida has developed its Subscriber IntelligenceTM suite of reporting. Subscriber IntelligenceTM provides real-time visibility to Operators by querying the Operator’s billing system for essential subscriber information. Emida can consolidate key data points about subscribers and present the data in such a way that it can be easily viewed, analyzed, and managed by the Operator, such as the creation of risk management profiles, subscriber “value” or “loyalty” categories/tiers for enhanced incentives, special promotions or pricing, reward programs, targeted value added service offerings, etc.

Operator’s Subscriber IntelligenceTM Benefits

  • Obtain Detailed Reports of Subscriber Data
  • Analyze Subscriber Recharge Activity For Trends And Patterns
  • Organize Subscribers Into Categories Such As Gold/Silver/Standard Accounts Based On Recharge Patterns
  • Create Subscriber-Focused Promotional Incentives

With real time reports that provide meaningful data, our effective Subscriber IntelligenceTM has the ability to keep carriers ahead of the competition.

View, analyze and manage your data easily with Subscriber IntelligenceTM from Emida. See below one example of the many reports that operators can obtain through this solution. Obtain reports with meaningful data and stay ahead the competition!


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