Big box retailers use the Emida network and family of services to offer their customers single-stop retail convenience. Becoming a member of the Emida network means increased ticket value, traffic and repeat business. Now consumers can shop for everything they need in your retail store, and upon checkout, top-up their prepaid wireless services, buy prepaid long distance, and pay bills. You can choose to add one or all of these services, and expand your offering anytime. Emida’s cross border transactions allows consumers to top-up prepaid services and pay bills for friends and family in other countries. And transactions are completed over terminals you already have in place (POSA, PC, cash register, kiosk, etc.) You can even conduct transactions phone-to-phone. Join the Emida network today and offer more of what your customers want – convenience.

Retailer benefits include:

  • Become a destination for prepaid purchases, bill payments and other electronic transactions
  • Sell multiple products from a single terminal
  • Real-time, web-based reporting
  • Never out of stock, with access to limitless product inventory (no hard cards to manage – eliminates shrinkage, theft and fraud)
  • Increase store traffic and ticket value by offering multiple services at the point of sale
  • Cross border transactions



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