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billpayBill Pay
As part of the Emida network, you can offer your customers convenient, safe and cost-effective ways to manage their financial needs. Learn More


debitDebit Platform

Emida’s Debit Platform solution is a central portal (mobile phone, tablet, internet or laptop-based) where users can access a variety of payment features and methods.The debit platform can be used in any environment where cash management & collection is a problem or where virtual cash/benefits management improves the customer experience. Learn More 


directDirect Top-Up

Direct top-up is the most efficient and lowest cost way to top-up prepaid wireless services. You get 100% product availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – and direct top-up does not require PINs or IVRs. Learn More


Prepaid gaming has never been easier. As part of the Emida network, you can offer your customers the excitement of lottery and online gaming products such as prepaid cards good for games, music, video and more. Learn More


Introducing Enviamex, the best way to purchase gifts in the USA and have them delivered anywhere in Mexico. Learn More


international-topupInternational Top-Up (IMTU)
Our international top-up solution allows consumers in the U.S. to add minutes to mobile phones around the world in real-time. The sender only needs to know the number they are topping up. Emida supports 64+ countries and 55 mobile operators. Learn More


Prepaid Long Distance
With one of the highest profit margins of all prepaid products, prepaid long distance means convenience and value for your customers, and increased revenue and traffic for you. Emida partners with major carriers and MVNOs worldwide, so whether your customer needs to call across the country or around the world, you’ve got the solution. Learn More


wirelessPrepaid Wireless
We’ve teamed with major carriers around the world to become a leader in prepaid wireless. Emida’s proven, robust network allows for real-time delivery of airtime. Prepaid Wireless eliminates your hard card inventory and gives you back your valuable shelf space. Learn More


 worldProducts by Region
If you’d like to learn about all the Emida products and services available in your region of the world, start here


topupQR Code Top-Up

Eliminating frustrating, traditional top-up methods has been shown to increase ARPU over 20%, while simultaneously decreasing operational expenses. Learn More


Emida is committed to offering prepaid services that add value and build your prepaid portfolio. Learn More


Established in 1996, the Emida network provides a POSA backbone throughout North America, Latin America, the extended Caribbean, Africa, Oceania and other regions of the world. Learn More


World-Gift is a prepaid digital gifting service that Emida provides to allow people in one country to purchase gifts for family in another country. Learn More



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