Intelligent Monitoring

Imagine what you could accomplish if time and resources spent on fixing technical issues were available to be used in other areas. Emida takes care of monitoring your business so you don’t have to. Monitoring services have a daily impact in the cost of the Operations Support System (OSS) of operators, and Emida understands and supports their effort through Premium Monitoring Services. We anticipate and fix potential concerns in advance ​​​by monitoring the hardware and software of client’s systems with a state-of-the-art-technology Network Operations Center (NOC).

Our customer service team is constantly checking the activity on the distribution channel of each customer. By monitoring their transaction, credit available, alarms, and much more they can better anticipate potential issues.

Intelligent Monitoring Benefits For Operators:

  • Cost Savings in Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems
  • Information in Real Time
  • Our State-Of-The-Art-Technology Monitors Hardware and Software
  • Team of Professionals 24/7/365


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