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Emida’s presence in the extended Caribbean has grown steadily over the past several years thanks to our strong regional partnerships, solid network and widespread consumer use. The Emida network provides the backbone, bringing prepaid services to mobile users in the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Sint Marteen, French St. Martin, Guyana, Panama, Honduras and El Salvador, among others.

The cellular subscribers in these countries enjoy the benefits of Direct Top-Up, where any amount can be applied to any phone. No pins are required, and fees are low. In addition, our Cross Border capability means that consumers can transfer airtime to friends and family in the region.

Merchants benefit with our Direct Top-Up solution because they’ll never face out-of-stock situations. Direct Top-Up eliminates card manufacturing costs, shipping, handling or warehousing costs, denomination revenue loss and free wireless airtime. In addition, merchants see increased ARPU, market share and profitability from day one. Direct Top-Up can be sold from multiple devices such as POSA terminals, kiosks, cash register, PC terminal or phone-to-phone.

If you’re not already part of Emida’s extended Caribbean network, join us today. Contact us about Caribbean partnership opportunities, and start providing your customers with solutions for success in the prepaid industry.

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