Turnkey Recharge Platform

For over twenty years, Emida has provided leading-edge technology to operators serving prepaid markets around the world. Today, we are recognized as a technology partner and leading prepaid payment processor. Our extensive cellular operator prepaid knowledge makes us an excellent partner who can provide a higher level of service and experience.

The Emida Turnkey Mobile Recharge Platform supports the entire distribution chain for the prepaid/value transfer market by providing front-end and back-end solutions which integrate, and satisfy the needs of, operators, service providers, distributors, sales agents and retailers, allowing them to deliver outstanding products and services to consumers.

Key features of the Turnkey Mobile Recharge Platform include:

  • Complete “End To End” Visibility
  • Have Full Control Of The Distribution Channel And Its Geolocation
  • 45+ Standard Reports Including “ARPU” In Real Time
  • Powerful Promotions Engine To Stimulate Top-Ups
  • Create Direct Points Of Sale Via Web, Smartphone, Kiosk, Etc.
  • Manage Commissions To Distribution
  • Minimize Operational Costs
  • Process Prepaid and Postpaid Services

Emida’s Turnkey Mobile Recharge Platform allows complete “End To End” visibility and full control of the distribution channel at different levels along with their geographical location and the option of automating their commissions.

Our system provides 45+ standard reports including ARPU in Real-Time and many others that can be customized according to the specific parameters that companies are asking us to support.

Our platform has innovative methods for international recharge and it is a powerful marketing tool to stimulate recharges (Top Ups) through promotions and loyalty campaigns with the different levels of distribution and points of sale. Also, it facilitates the creation of new products and flexible recharging methods attracting new customers segments.


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